Women Who Wow No. 4 - Amber Lewis

Women Who Wow No. 4 - Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis, who you may know as @SOCIALNTHECITY, Detroit's C.E.O (Chief Energy Officer), or all around baddie, is what we would call a Force of Nature! Amber is bold, beautiful, and a true IT girl. She embraces confidence and serves a connector, curator, and influencer in her hometown of Detroit, MI and beyond. 

We are proud to call Amber an "OG LuxeGirl", joining the LuxeClub back in 2020. Whether she's moderating a panel, curating one of her packed-out events, inspiring Michiganders to vote, or showing the girls how to serve a look, we love see the many facets of Amber grace our social media and stages. 

If you're looking for the best places to catch a vibe or expand your horizons in Detroit, Amber is the go-to girl! Join her guest list at the link in her bio to stay up to date w/events + exclusive happenings in the city! 

Follow Amber on social media: @SOCIALNTHECITY 

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