Women Who Wow No. 2 - Chelsea Walker

Women Who Wow No. 2 - Chelsea Walker

Chelsea Walker

Chelsea is a wellness facilitator, yoga and autonomy teacher, and flexibility coach using her talents to empower others through movement. Chelsea leads cohorts through her Flexology flexibility school, and teaches trauma navigation and emotional regulation in Metro Detroit school systems. She creates communities through her love of wellness and has a deep love for movement.

Chelsea is well known in Metro Detroit for her creative approach to wellness, including yoga classes that feature a DJ as well as sound baths and sharing her personal fitness journey on social media as a way to inspire others to incorporate more movement into their lives. Chelsea also uses her influence to help others through grief with yoga flows and movement sessions centered around releasing emotions in a safe and healthy environment. 

“Movement is Medicine” would be something I say all the time and has been a big part of the intention of my business and my mission.

Chelsea has been a supporter of W by Crystal White and recently collaborated with us on our first partnership with the "Healing Collection" available now in sizes S-2X.

Follow Chelsea on Instagram: @theteacherchelsea to learn more about how to connect with her through movement.

Shop Chelsea's "Healing Edit" full of her favorites here: https://www.wbycrystalwhite.com/collections/the-healing-edit

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