Women Who Wow No.1 - Whitney Harmon

Women Who Wow No.1 - Whitney Harmon


Whitney Harmon is a mom, dedicated nurse, and talented makeup artist. (Oh, did we forget to mention, she's one of our Luxe Models?!) Whitney is such an inspiration, managing to grow her makeup business, Whipped by Whit while excelling as an advocate for black maternal health. Her advocacy work is demonstrated in her role as a labor & delivery nurse, as well as a committee member for her health organization. For the upcoming Black Maternal Health Week, Whitney encourages attendees to join her for an event to raise awareness and said this about what to expect on April 13:

"It’s an event we are having during black maternal health week in support of black maternal health while also supporting expecting mamas with various breakout sessions. and I will be there doing mini glams and a photographer for photos."
For More Information: https://medschool.umich.edu/events/2024-black-maternal-health-week/black-maternal-health-cafe

We love Whitney because she embodies a LuxeGirl! She makes time to pour into herself by prioritizing her physical health through a consistent workout regimen, which she shares on her social media. 

Whitney's favorite quote: “the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  — Pablo Picasso

When asked for insight into Whitney's "why", she said, "In makeup and in nursing, I do it solely for the happiness that it brings not only myself, but those that I am serving as well. Making people feel good and feel good about themselves is so much bigger than me and I love it!"

To connect with Whitney, follow her on Instagram @whitmarie__

Book your next professional makeup appointment on her website: www.whippedbywhit.com


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