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Women's history month highlight

Lyrica and Nicole are no strangers to W|by Crystal White! You've seen these beauties grace our social media, website, and even emails! We decided what better way to kick off Women's History Month with a profile of these two beauties!


women's blog highlight

Hometown: North Carolina
Occupation: Model & Real Estate Transaction Coordinator
“Do you. Be you. And be about you. It's ok to feel the feels- sit in it but don’t stay in it. Love the woman you are and the woman you’re becoming and give her grace - she only knows what she knows. Love yourself in all ways, always!”

Hometown: Rockford, IL
Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher
“All the women in my family are inspiring to me! They are wives, mothers, educators, authors, caretakers, business owners, counselors, and so much more! These women have overcome so much and done it with grace every time. If I ever start to feel down or discouraged, I can turn to any one of them for advice or encouragement! I love them!”
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