What have you got to lose?

"When's the last time you did something for the first time?" is a popular lyric from a Drake song, but it begs a powerful question! As the stringent rules of the pandemic continue to lift and the world slowly reopens, the days of blaming the pandemic, are coming to an end. How we exit lockdown and enter a new normal, our responsibility to ourselves to continue expanding our minds and honoring our bodies, increases. So we want to help you get back into the world, boldly but safely! 

We've listed five resources to help you get out of your lockdown cocoon and spread your wings going forward!

1. If you're an avid worker-outer, then you know the distress of growing tired of your current gym and seeking new surroundings or a change of scenery. We recommend trying ClassPass! ClassPass offers access to over 30,000 gyms in 28 countries with exercises ranging from boxing to yoga and pilates! Your selected plan includes credits that can be redeemed for whatever workout fits your mood, that week. 

2. Are the great outdoors always calling your name? The National Park Service offers information on activities at National Parks all over the country. Whether you're searching for something to get you off your couch and into nature in your home state, or planning a trip, check out the National Park Service site to find a park nearby! You can even filter by activity to find exactly what you're looking for!

3. If Shopaholic is your middle name, ditch the mall or your usual spots and try finding a new market nearby! Local markets sometimes feature unique items from local artists or small businesses! Support your community and score something new! Simply google, "Local markets near ______" to discover a new local gem!

4. Food is a love language for many and we understand the obsession. Have you visited a food hall? They're all over the country and vary wildly in the options they offer! Try finding one in your area or check out this article from Taste of Home, featuring the Top 28 Food Halls in America for one that may be worth a trip!

5. Do you feel like the pandemic has made meeting people beyond your smartphone, virtually impossible? Meet-ups are resuming and you can keep your distance to your liking! Are you interested in crafting, cooking, or fishing? There's a group for that. Check with your local community center for free and paid courses, or hop on Facebook to find a group for the exact thing you're most interested in. Your people are waiting for you on the other side of your front door! 

We hope these ideas inspire you to find your best post-pandemic self! Feel free to share what you discover!

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