Three ways to improve your day!

Small changes lead to big results! A strong foundation gives you the best chance at success when exercising good habits! It sometimes seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to work, workout, be productive, and still look our best! Here are three practices to implement to make sure you maximize each day!

1.) Drink PLENTY of Water

Sounds simple enough, right? Reports show that nearly half of American adults do not drink enough water, with 7 percent reporting no water intake at all. So, what exactly is enough water? While there is no firm number, doctors suggest 64 ounces/day as a starting point, with professionals in the fitness industry suggesting upwards of 1 gallon/day (120 oz).

For many, drinking water is a mindFUL task, that many struggle with. However, the easiest approach is to break the task down into manageable amounts! If you're ready to start with 64 oz., that's only a little more than 3 refills of our Water Bottle! Aside from overall better health, adequate water intake has been linked to clearer skin, healthier hair, increased energy and increased weight loss, leading to more productive days! BE GREAT & HYDRATE!

2.) Get PLENTY of Sleep

"Beauty Rest" is more than just a buzzword. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep allows your body to heal, reset, and rejuvenate! Lack of sleep can leave you not only feeling tired, but looking tired too! To avoid developing dark circles, excessive wrinkles, and unsightly blemishes, get your rest! There are benefits beyond the aesthetic boost, however. A post from SCL Health outlines benefits from maintaining a healthy weight to maintaining a better mood!

Getting adequate sleep isn't popular as we find ourselves in the middle of the "Grind Mode" generation, but the truth is, our lives depend on it!

3.) Move your body!

You can maintain or lose weight and reduce your risk of certain diseases by engaging in physical activity for only 30 minutes a day! Adding a workout to your routine can seem like a task! Making it to the gym might not be totally feasible with a busy schedule. However, thanks to social media, YouTube, and other streaming services, you can access workouts from the comfort of your home. The key to making this habit part of your day is being innovative. Try pairing a workout with something you do daily! PRO TIP: Wear your favorite W|by Crystal White look to boost your motivation and confidence to meet your fitness goals. When you look good, you feel good. Shop our favorites here.

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