SCS No. 10 - Girlfriends

What's life without your girlfriends? With Q2 in full spring and the end of the school year approaching, you may find it hard to get quality time in with your girlfriends! Some of your friends may be new moms while others have found home in a new town, either way, there are tons of ways and reasons to reconnect. In this week's installment of Self-Care Saturday, we're reminding you to make time to reconnect with your best girls! Here are some tips to help you start reconnecting TODAY!
  1. Schedule regular catch-up sessions: Make a conscious effort to schedule regular catch-up sessions with your friends, whether it's a weekly phone call, a monthly brunch, or a quarterly weekend getaway. Having a set time in your calendar will help you prioritize your friendships and ensure that you stay connected.
  2. Embrace technology: With so many communication tools available, there's no excuse not to stay in touch with your friends. Use social media, messaging apps, video calls, or even group chats to keep the conversation going, even if you can't meet in person.

  3. Find common interests: Try to find common interests with your friends and plan activities around them. Whether it's a workout class, a cooking class, a book club, or a hiking trip, doing something you both enjoy will not only strengthen your friendship but also give you a chance to unwind and have fun.

  4. Support each other: Being there for your friends during difficult times can strengthen your bond and make you feel closer. Offer a listening ear, provide advice and encouragement, and be a shoulder to cry on when needed. It's important to remember that you're not alone in your struggles.

  5. Be flexible: Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you might have to reschedule or cancel plans with your friends. Don't beat yourself up over it, and don't be too hard on your friends if they have to do the same. Remember that everyone has busy lives and that your friendship is still valuable, even if you can't always be together.

Remember, friendships are important for our mental health and well-being. By making a conscious effort to stay connected, you'll not only strengthen your relationships but also improve your own happiness and sense of belonging.

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