Happy #FitFriday! 10/21/22

Happy #FitFriday! 10/21/22

Friday is always a good day. It winds down the work week and warmly welcomes the weekend. To take full advantage of your weekend plans without the guilt, we recommend a good workout to close out the week. If you get your hair done on Fridays, after work, it's worth it to rise early and get a good burn in, if you can! 

Getting in and staying in tip-top shape has a lot to do with living in moderation over deprivation! So this weekend, you're not discouraged to enjoy your favorite snacks and bites, but you are encouraged to enjoy them in moderation or make healthy substitutes to feed the cravings! Check out our tips below for having a good time in moderation!

1. MAKE REALISTIC DIET GOALS - Adopting this mindset requires full transparency...even with yourself! Make goals that feel possible and that you're able to create an action plan for. Anything else is setting you up for failure!
2. FOCUS ON BUILDING POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH FOOD/VICES - Try asking yourself the following before eating/drinking something that gives you pause: Do I WANT it? Do I NEED it? How will it IMPACT my goals? If after answering these, you still feel compelled to indulge, then go for it! If not, drink a glass of water and call yourself full!
3. AVOID THINGS THAT FOSTER OVERINDULGENCE - Are there certain environments that encourage you to overindulge on the weekends? If they are avoidable environments, such as gathering with friends, try suggesting a new meeting place or activity! It can't hurt to try and you might find that your circle was looking for a new hangout too! If you work or live in these environments, evaluate what factors you have control over and make the best possible decisions for your goals.
4. GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER - Do you work better with someone checking-in on your progress? Try enlisting a friend or family member as an accountability partner. Set days or times to check-in with one another to check progress on shared goals. 
5. ADOPT THE 80/20 RULE - Commit to your diet and healthy habits 80% of the time, allowing yourself to indulge in things that bring you joy, 20% of the time. This encourages balance and reduces feelings of guilt!
Here's to living healthy, happy, and balanced lives!
XO Crystal 


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