Luxury Athleisure is the new self-care

Luxury Athleisure is the new self-care

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We are all too familiar with posts and inferences about daily skincare routines and coffee indulgences, weekly massages, mani/pedi rituals, and even travel as forms of self-care, a buzzword made popular by millennials and Gen Z-ers alike. But have we explored how wearing clothes that make you look and feel better, as a form of self-care as well?

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Athleisure has become the go-to for millions of people, especially with WFH schedules as popular as ever. So, why not view your athleisure purchases as the latest homage to the "Treat Yo'self" movement?! If you're not a WFH warrior, you're not forgotten! With its increasing popularity, athleisure done a beautiful job of meshing active designs with everyday functionality, delivering shoppers more versatility than ever. (Imagine going into the office in your favorite pair of leggings, but still serving Professional. ICONIC!!) It sets the tone for a wardrobe that matches the way you live and not one that requires you to shape shift to enjoy it. 

"Everyday Luxury" is more than a tagline for W|by Crystal White. It's really a pillar of the brand and speaks to how pieces are designed, the fabrics are sourced, and the launch marketing is influenced!

Next time you find yourself pausing at the checkout, just remember, it's not just a purchase. It's ✨ Self-Care ✨ 


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