New Year, New Me... Now what?

Hey All!

Each January, we are granted an opportunity to erase our healthy living mistakes from last year and start fresh! (Too bad the mirror doesn't erase them the same way!) There's no shame in jumping on the New Year, New Me bandwagon! We all need a little motivation to make changes to our diet, exercise habits, and subsequently, our lifespans!

It's not uncommon to struggle with staying motivated through the guaranteed ups and downs that a healthy living overhaul brings. However, these challenges are completely manageable. 

Here are five tips and tricks to remember when you're over the gym and steak is calling your name louder than spinach!

1. Make a Plan

Many diet and workout plans give you the information to get closer to your goals, but how do you make sure you're ready to put the information to good use? Whether you're a tech-saavy, I-put-everything-in-my-Google-calendar type, or you find yourself reaching for the good old pen-and-paper, make a plan for how you want to approach reaching your fitness goals. Make your plan realistic, but aggressive, reducing the amount of wiggle room you'll feel comfortable taking advantage of on those days when working out is just "not it". Include the important stuff like frequency of workouts, meal options aligned with your goals, and a system for making up missed or lazy workouts. 

2. Plan your gym outfits in advance

Pro Tip: Cute gym outfits = more effective workouts. (Not scientifically proven, but you can take this claim to the bank) Grab your favorite pair of Standard Pocket Leggings and pair with a Kim Crop top for a cool look, or turn some heads in your bright red Raven Panel Leggings with the matching Sports Bra (which has enough support for a HIIT workout, FYI). Plan your outfits for the week and you'll have one less excuse for skipping out on the gym!

3. Affirm your goals daily

Whether you have a strict scale goal, want to feel better daily, or simply want your favorite clothes to fit a little better, affirm those goals to yourself daily. If you have a morning routine, that would be an ideal time to add a simple affirmation about your weight loss or healthy living goals. Something as simple as "I am capable of making better decisions with my eating. Today, I will ensure my decisions align with my goals." reaffirms your commitment to yourself and gives you a boost of confidence to keep in mind throughout the day

4. Get an Accountability Partner

Everything is more fun with some help! Ask a friend or coworker with a healthy living or fitness goal and ask if they're willing to be an accountability partner for you. The great thing about this: You can work together to determine the type of support you need, including specific areas you may struggle with like, an eating cutoff time for the day, or simply someone to ask "How did your workout go?" Your partner doesn't necessarily have to be local, as much as they need to be accessible. Leverage your community to help you get to the next level!


Now, this one is last, but certainly not least. Falling out of habit and creating new habits, don't happen overnight. The results won't come that quickly either. Here's a good timeline to remember when you're putting in the work and the results don't seem obvious: If you're consistent, you'll start seeing/feeling changes in 30 days to 6 weeks. Measurable & Visible changes take 8-12 weeks. To see results in 3 months, for weight and habits that you lost over the course of a year, seems like a pretty fair trade off. Be patient with the process and patient with yourself. After all, you're trying to change your life!


Staying on track is more about knowing how to respond to challenges, than avoiding challenges altogether. Try implementing just one of the above tips! The results just might shock you!

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