Meet me by the pool

Meet me by the pool


black and gold curvy one piece swimsuit

Hey Y'all!! Our first-ever swimsuit design just dropped and I figured I'd tell you all a little more about my personal journey with swimsuits and how it led us to the beautiful Betty Swimwear design.

As the "chubby" kid growing up, I was always self-conscious about my weight. To add insult to injury, I had a traumatic incident in a pool as a child and was all but terrified of water, aside from being on a [large] boat. Throughout my younger years, swimwear was NOT something I paid much attention to, nor bothered to invest in. I didn't see the point, as I knew I'd be nowhere near a pool. For roughly 10 years, through massive weight loss and all, I owned the same 3-4 ill-fitting swimsuits and didn't wear any of them beyond a random pool day that I would conveniently show up late and fully-dressed for. 

Fast-forward to 2017 and I find myself sketching swimwear, sheerly as inspiration. By this time, I had learned to swim, but still stayed away from swimwear as the options always seemed to fit very oddly on my curvy-frame. As I began to lift weights and find my stride and strength with my curvy frame, I purchased my first new swimsuits in years and quickly noticed the harrowing compromises traditional designs brought for someone with mild body-dysmorphia. I wasn't a fan of my bra bulge getting too much spotlight, nor was I completely comfortable in a two-piece bikini. 

With growth and increased self-confidence, I still desired a swimsuit that made me feel both sexy and secure. The Betty swimsuit design allowed me to cover my insecurities like my upper back bulge and fluffy tummy, while flaunting my favorite assets like my shoulders and lower back. It also served as a hybrid design for women who love a sexier swimwear style, but still crave to be covered. I'm so excited for you all to receive your Betty swimsuits and OWN THE WATER!!

Don't forget to tag @wbycrystalwhite in your pics! You know we love to see it!

XO Crystal

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