Summer according to W. - BTS No. 3

Hey you!

Summer is in full swing and with a global pandemic still hanging in the balance, we're excited for a chance to enjoy it to the fullest! Our summer pieces are designed to keep you cool, snatched, and stylish for any summer activities that come your way! But...WHAT TO DO?! Here are some of our suggestions for summer activities that may be taking place near you!

Van Gogh Immersive Experience: With exhibits in multiple U.S. cities, this experience submerges visitors in iconic Van Gogh pieces for a view like no other. More info HERE.

What to wear: Luxe City Joggers topped off with a Kim Crop Top will keep you cool and effortlessly chic while taking in the sights!

Picnic in the Park: Find a park nearby and load up the car with blankets, snacks, and tech-free games for a fun alternative to sitting at home on the weekends! Search the National Park Registry to find a park near you!

What to wear: The Mint Seamless Set will offer you coverage and coordination while you connect with nature!

Amusement Park/Carnival: Nothing says "Summer" like the Scrambler Ride and Elephant Ears! Search Amusement Parks by State HERE.

What to wear: The Moto Pocket Biker Shorts offer plenty of pockets to store items while at the park!



Have suggestions for more activities?? Send them to us!