W| by Crystal White |Behind the Seams - No. 1

W| by Crystal White |Behind the Seams - No. 1

Hey All!

As W by Crystal White grows, a huge goal is to slowly but surely switch to exclusive suppliers for our designs. Sampling is by far the middle child of the product development! You create a sketch and tech pack in hopes of bringing your design vision to life. If only the process were that simple! The sampling process often involves several rounds of fitting and adjustments before the final sample is ready for production. 

This process can be tedious and time-consuming, but the payoff is huge! Check out pics of the process behind developing the Naomi Separates and perfecting the fit!


The first round was mostly successful, but a few changes were needed to perfect the look! 1.) the sleeves were lengthened, 2.) the waistband and leg openings were altered to fit more comfortably 3.) The bra straps would easily stain in white, so black was chosen to replace them! The final product was perfect! 

Shop the Naomi Separates now and be sure to grab some basics for mixing and matching! 

Until next time, 

XO Crystal 

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